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30 Ideas - Volume XVII
*order of which was received.
• Make an emoticon that would say \"You\'re obsessed!\" or something like that.
• Make an emoticons of someone exausted, and fighting sleep. Not actually sleeping, but should sleep.
• Make an emoticon of an artist hard at work. Not any type of artist in particular, but an artist.
• Make an \"Under Construction\" emoticon.
•Draw something normal, but have the background be out of the ordinary. Like a bottle of lotion engulfed in purple flames.
•Watch a child playing and write a poem about what the child is thinking and/or doing as s/he\'s playing.
•How about an animated emoticon of one guy dumping a bucket of water on another guy\'s head?
•Take a photo of yourself. Now, make yourself into someone from the opposite sex!
• I thought it would be really cool to try and write a pieve of poetry or prose (?) where all the elements are inverted and changed into their opposites... then try and achieve a piece of writing completely typical to eve
:iconelements-of-art:elements-of-art 1 2
30 Ideas - Volume XVI
*order of which was received.
• photographers: Like a rubberband, people have their breaking point, photograph yourself at your breaking point.
• Writers: When a person is intoxicated, their thought process is dramatically different: a quiet, shy person may become very extroverted-showing all their emotions. Express yourself when you are intoxicated. Show yourself as you truly are/would be.
• Drawers/Painters: create an image of pity. This could be someone, something, that you pity or it could be just the thought of pity.
• Imagine youself as a telephone operator-express your time at home when your phone goes off.
• Make a collage of your moments of weakness. Show your foods, toys, electronics, opposite sex members. Writers discuss these in a flowing concise manner. Painters-paint them on one canvas, photographers combine them or express them in one image.
• Make your own front cover for your favorite book. Show the main charecter, a bit about the plot, and all the th
:iconelements-of-art:elements-of-art 0 2
30 Ideas - Volume XV
*order of which received.
• I've been always interested in the concept of disappearing physically into something non physical, like music or an imaginary world. you could use this like a young girl traveling to an imaginary world when her drunk parent is after her.
•This would have to be a collaboration between two people. The idea is for one person to write a love letter and the other person writes a letter in response. It has to be love/romance related, so it can be about breaking up, being in love, being apart, etc. Anything goes as long as "love" is the theme.
•A wheelchair is lying on the floor. It seems abandoned. It's rusty, broken and also has some bloodstains on it, old and dryed up stainds.
•A star shines over a bombed city. The flames after the bombings have seized but the smoke and feeling of despair covers the image. The starlit sky gives nice contrast towards the horrible sight below.
•A doll frozen into a block of ice. On eye on the doll is mis
:iconelements-of-art:elements-of-art 1 5
30 Ideas - Volume XIV
*order of which received.
• Write either a prose or poetry either 2 different submissions or just one split into 2 half's, on part written in 1st person from the perspective of a cancer tumour, treat as a conscious being. Then in the next part do the same but from the perspective of the body with cancer, this could illustrate the battle between them and maybe a hatred for each other. Also if it was only one submission you could do one paragraph for one then switch to the other and back again giving it the feel of an argument.
• Prose or poetry, to depict the plight of a spider caught in a bathtub, how it got there, how sick it is of trying to get out, desperate feelings, fear of being washed down the plug hole, many things could be done with this and what happens in the end. Situation could be related to other things.
• Take the picture of something outside, a tree or a building at four different times of the day, at the same time take a picture of a clock (analouge i think
:iconelements-of-art:elements-of-art 1 6
30 Ideas - Volume XIII
*order of which received.
• A poem: take an old journal entry and tear it into a minimum of fifteen pieces (photocopied entries may be used for shredding.) Pick up one of the fragments and write a poem using the words found on the scrap.
• Fictional flyer: take photographs of a collection of items. Label the items, assign prices and arrange them neatly on two double-sided tabloid-sized pages. Add other details such as the name of the store, location and phone. Make several copies, and if desired, distribute them to a few friends.
• Writers: describe your favorite song, WITHOUT any music words in it, like beat, drums, strum, or rhythym. This will probably be a poem, but have fun with it.
• Photographers: Show your favorite song, and if you use an instrument in your image, make it as abstract as possible.
•Describe your earlest memory, tell how you felt, what you thought about it, and what you think about it, now.
•Take your change out of your pocket and put in someo
:iconelements-of-art:elements-of-art 4 4
30 Ideas - Volume XII
*order of which received.
• Re-Imagine the dev. Icon of another deviant. Along the lines of taking the basic subject og the icon, and reworking it from there. Mine, for example, is a fire-toned face. So, flame and face. Make an icon with fire and a face.
• Select any poem, short story, etc and create artwork based on that writing. Interpretation to whatever degree. Writers can do the opposite. Choose a piece of art and create a story that expands on that one image.
• Pull one character from classic literature and insert him/her into a modern day setting. Ex: A bewildered Huck Finn in LA 2003. Hesse\'s Siddharta in a modern day Baptist revival.
• Create something in a style that you despise. Just trying something new. If you REALLY hate something, you\'ll work harder to create something you like. This is about expanding the bounds of creativity.
• Modernize a pantheon of gods- Loki the hacker. Thor the jock/drummer in a metal band. Aphrodite the lingerie model.
:iconelements-of-art:elements-of-art 1 1
30 Ideas - Volume XI
*order of which received.
• The two armies charge at one another, taking the Thalarion Empire inbetweem. The two armies are made of over 50000 soldiers each, and they come from kingdom that have more or less 100000 inhabitants each. Even boys barely old enough to hold a sword have volunteered. Waste is laid on Thalarion, ransacked by the ravenous hoarde which finally meets in the middle.
• The two hordes meets in Jad Nadek, Thalarion\'s capital, sieged and taken by the two armies in a single night of fires and steel. The fighting takes place inside of the city as well as outside. When the two commanders meet, they start a duel, in the middle of the battle, while their soldiers keep a free space for them.
• The outcome is uncertain, but after the battle an army composed of the previous two starts a march against Valkar, starting an invasion. Who leads the army?
• The Valkarian armies meet the Host of the Two Blades in the fields of Hassel, utterly destroying it. Nothing i
:iconelements-of-art:elements-of-art 1 3
30 Ideas - Volume X
*order of which received.
• Randomly open the dictionary and pick a word. Create a piece of litureature, a photo, a drawing, or a painting that you feel best describes that word. Use either the denotative or the conotative meaning, whichever means more for you in the long run.
• Empty your wallet and pick the most obscure thing from the pile and write a story about how it got there. Then write random story that involves this obscurity as a central focus as the story.
• Pieces dealing with thoughts. the basic idea is to ask someone randomly what they are thinking about at that moment no matter what it is and build an image around. you should try to incooperate the actual person whos thought you are portraying in some form or another (ie take a picure of the and illustrate their thought around them or hide their name in the piece... or hide their face whatever you want). the idea is to create something that give insight into the mind randomly. make sure you don\'t leave y
:iconelements-of-art:elements-of-art 1 2
30 Ideas - Volume IX
*Order of which received.
• When I was in high school there was one classroom that always got a lot of flies in it from the windows being left open when it got hot. It was suggested that the teacher put up some flypaper sheets, but then someone suggested in jest a giant sheet of fly paper. The teacher said no because then we'd just get some freshman stuck to it crying "Help me!" Try to imagine people stuck in other situations. Maybe an old grandma who absentmindedly knitted herself into a caccoon or "the new guy" on an old time pirate ship who got tangled in the rigging.
• I've always liked seeing cross-sections of things. In Japanese art it's traditionally very common to see paintings of buildings in which the roof is removed to reveal what's inside. This may be the source of all the older top view video games in which the character moves through buildings with the roofs removed so you can see the inside. Try making a drawing of your own home in a similar way. It can be f
:iconelements-of-art:elements-of-art 2 3
30 Ideas - Volume VIII
*order of which received.
• Get one of those golf umbrellas - black and white photo! - make sure to get water on outside of umbrella and dripping off. From in the rain a girl looking into camera, soaked & no rain coat, looking hopefully, sweetly, sexy \'wanna share your umbrella\' like look.
• I think a great poem could be about someone standing in a field during a storm, about to be struck by lightning. Then the poem returns to when the person woke up, and goes through the things that happened that day to bring them where they were about to be struck in the field.
• Another semi-satirical piece:
A photo manip or painting perhaps of someone with a head badaged on the side. they are holding an ear and painting that same ear, with pictures of Van Gogh\'s hanging just behind. maybe a related title about Van Gogh would work well, too.
• A photo-manip of a person sitting at a desk, papers in front, with their pen stabbed through their hand- entitled \"Writer\'s Cramp\"
:iconelements-of-art:elements-of-art 1 3
30 Ideas - Volume VII
*order of which received.
• (Freehand) Make a person standing in front of a fork in the road. That person has a choice to make. Draw one road, the one to the left (In former times, left were considered \'wrong\' and right - yeah, that\'s right - \'right\' ;) (Wink) ) is dark and full of faded or withered flowers and plants. The right road, which stands for the good in the world, is full of colourful flowers and stuff like that. Make the person look overwhelmed, that will probably add alot. Of course you don\'t have to do exacly like that, you can for example do a person standing in front of two doors, one shines bright and the other has a dark glow to it. Use your imagination!
• (Photo Manip) Here is something I have always wanted to do myself. Make a \'Treebeard\', like a tree with a human face. Also bear in mind that his expression will probably add alot!
• (Photograph) Every morning the next week, month or maybe even more, take a photo of your bed, haircut or something el
:iconelements-of-art:elements-of-art 2 3
30 Ideas - Volume VI
*order of which received.
• Happiness: The image (a photo, a drawing, a manipulation) of a man in the last instant before he hits the ground after falling down a skycraper. The man should be dressed a clown, with an almost estatic look on his face. The image should be packed with religiuous symbols.
• There are 2 fixed stars in the sky: One is Polaris (the north star), the other hangs low on the horizion. All other stars move. Legends claim it a light on a tower, and travellers seeking for it speaks of a immense mass at the horizion, darkening the sky, seen just befor falling for hexaustion. One claimed to have seen it, but he killed himself long, long ago.
• The Desert of Nothing, the Land that Devours: An immense land, totally grey, devoid of colors, or life. Every thing brought inside slowly dies, turning grey and drying, like something is draining it. Legend tells of something buried deep in the sand, slowly feeding. Others claims to have seen nomads staring at them from
:iconelements-of-art:elements-of-art 2 2
30 Ideas - Volume V
*order of which received:
• Draw your inner child. You know you have one.
• Find someone without an avatar and offer to create one for them...
• Turn the flag of your country of residence into an emoticon... If one already exists... Make an item that represents your country best into an emoticon...
• Take a sketchbook and some pencils and go into the city. As you walk, analyze architecture of the buildings in your area. Sketch what you like, draw textures of things you like, contour drawings, whatever. When you return home, combine ideas together and do a drawing of a building or set of buildings or whatever, but remember, it has to utilize EVERYTHING you sketched down.
• Look at Japanese animes and mangas. Try to imitate not only what the artists have drawn, but their style as well. Try to integrate their style into your own. THIS WILL TAKE TIME. HAVE PATIENCE.
• Draw designs from web sites you like. It doesn\'t matter what the design actually is; it can be ANY port
:iconelements-of-art:elements-of-art 2 8
30 Ideas - Volume IV
*In order of which received*
• Gum dried on the bottom of a shoe with something written on it or engraved in it.
• As we as a planet grow more and more diverse in our thoughts, emotions, and our over all way of life, we lose our view of other people's interests and emotions. So what I am trying to say is, try to express the Earth's emotion in one piece. Or even your insignificance as a thinking human being trapped on this planet.
• Art and science in the world today. Having the scientist working with an artist. Both of which think differently, where the scientist think like scientists, while the artist think like an artist. The artists see things with different eyes and allow the scientists to take a step back, and reflect on what they are doing. As we all know scientific research is supposed to be about everything, however they lose sight of the big picture, so the artist is a good thing for them. You can do this in prose, poetry, or any kind of artis
:iconelements-of-art:elements-of-art 3 11
30 Ideas - Volume III
*order of which received.
• there is one piece of was thinking about but decided not to do was of a few pictures of children of different races that have been affected by war, under the title, the causulties of war.
• Actually, I do have an idea for a drawing.
Night time, a lake and one of its shores, then the moon, full moon, in the water, as a reflection. only the real moon, the one in the sky would actually be a mask, like a venetian mask. sort of like the reflection is more real than the actual thing. hope it makes sense.
• I was watching the movie \"the Matrix\" for the billionth time.... I noticed how in morphus\' sun glasses you can see pretty sweet reflections..... Like the red pill in on lens and the blue pill in the other... My Idea is to do a spin off of something like that... Perhaps a photo manip OR... better yet an actual photograph... make it of a pair of sun glasses and have a reflection of one thing in one lens and something else... almost parall
:iconelements-of-art:elements-of-art 6 16
30 Ideas - Volume II
*order of which received.
• Write a story about a telemarketer. (the idea reoccured to me after seeing leo\'s thread in the Complaints forum)
This telemarketer happens to be bipolar or manic depressive. I think that would be a bad combination. Think about all the people shouting abuse at him/her: \'Don\'t call my fuckin house anymore\', \'Get a real job, loser!\', etc etc.
I know just how bad some of these people can be, I used to be a telemarketer myself, and the couple things I\'ve listed there are pretty tame. All the verbal abuse often sends him/her into a spiral of depression and anger. This could trigger some very funny/sad/scary outbursts, where he/she responds in an equally or greater abusive manner to the customer. Perhaps even ending up going on stalking excursions... after all he/she has a lot of info on the person - phone number address, etc. Could be a fun story!
• Get inspired by life. Show in your own element how life started on earth. There\'s tons of differe
:iconelements-of-art:elements-of-art 7 19


Prideful Bitch
I put my foot on the ledge today
memories and emotions swarmed over me.
And you know what?
I fucking hate you.
Through shaky breaths of denial
And shattered dreams all over my floor
I walked through them with an air-
I don't need this world, I'm better.
Down below, the people creep
Ants of society, we call ourselves humans
You're nothing but fucking pathetic.
You damn ass of a society.
Screaming voice atop that ledge
Few look up, most don't hear.
My wind sweeps the sound away.
But inside their minds, they know.
They all know.
Laughter fills the old apartment room
the melodic tones wake the man.
Just in time to see the mess on the floor
Of blood and knives and needles and drugs.
She broke her promise, she broke all the promises.
A glance at the man, once called Dove-
A wink, a wave, and then a final jump.
She was nothing but fucking pathetic.
A damn ass of a society.
Ruining everyone, everything she ever touched.
She's just a virus, a human, a dirty fuck
Like everyone else, that pridefu
:iconeclipz04:eclipz04 2 12
Lovely Woman by cyraxeon Lovely Woman :iconcyraxeon:cyraxeon 1 3
Emotion Sickness
rumbling resonances echo
cracking, breaking, smashing
glass shards skitter like fallen ice skaters,
fingernails scour the wooden desk--
searing splinters pierce the cuticles
but no pain compares to what you've done.
my head, spinning with detested thoughts,
beats unmercifully
choking my senses
shrouding the world from view.
why did you do it?
I watch the hatred streak my vision
with blackened colors,
I taste the acidity of the anger as it ruptures
slowly seeping through the skin,
I feel the sadness swell, but never burst--
I feel no compassion,
no sympathy,
nothing for you.
I tire of the lies, the screams
the tears
but no apology can ease the pain or
the sickness I feel...
my eyes weigh on the tattered case
as I beg for it all to stop;
it slides easily from its sheath, the blade
glinting with my tear-worn reflection
as if it has already captured my butchered soul.
I've dealt with your endless deceit long enough.
my head falls back,
cold metal kisses my skin
my redemption splatters and
:iconaeshryne:aeshryne 4 8
Le Maschere by sugar Le Maschere :iconsugar:sugar 3 16 So Proud So Alone by iadinaplus So Proud So Alone :iconiadinaplus:iadinaplus 3 29 Damage Done by dragaxx Damage Done :icondragaxx:dragaxx 2 12 Ilikebigbuds2 by pinkfrog Ilikebigbuds2 :iconpinkfrog:pinkfrog 1 0 DreamsOnConcrete-Digital by thegrayman DreamsOnConcrete-Digital :iconthegrayman:thegrayman 7 6 The Dragon and The Undying by idreamz The Dragon and The Undying :iconidreamz:idreamz 1 2
The Rebirth
The Rebirth
Walk down the sculpted streets;
Art is all around.
Creation blooms from the fruits
of the earth: eggs and oils,
gems, metals, marble.
Men can be gods
when they mold God's bounty.
They recreate their reflections,
sweat life into their forms.
No longer do they need
an ethereal breath;
they now realize
their lungs' divinity.
Adam and Eve walk again.
And again
and again.
This is the Rebirth of humanity.
:iconsirensin:sirensin 4 11
Our Modern Times by quelquun Our Modern Times :iconquelquun:quelquun 1 3 ClockWork Orange - Vector - xl by iamnophotographer ClockWork Orange - Vector - xl :iconiamnophotographer:iamnophotographer 136 102 Nuclear Winter by nan0spark Nuclear Winter :iconnan0spark:nan0spark 7 8



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