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*order of which received.

• Write a story about a telemarketer. (the idea reoccured to me after seeing leo\'s thread in the Complaints forum)
This telemarketer happens to be bipolar or manic depressive. I think that would be a bad combination. Think about all the people shouting abuse at him/her: \'Don\'t call my fuckin house anymore\', \'Get a real job, loser!\', etc etc.
I know just how bad some of these people can be, I used to be a telemarketer myself, and the couple things I\'ve listed there are pretty tame. All the verbal abuse often sends him/her into a spiral of depression and anger. This could trigger some very funny/sad/scary outbursts, where he/she responds in an equally or greater abusive manner to the customer. Perhaps even ending up going on stalking excursions... after all he/she has a lot of info on the person - phone number address, etc. Could be a fun story!

• Get inspired by life. Show in your own element how life started on earth. There\'s tons of different ways to do this. Poems, Pictures, Animations and 3D. A fire element could be life coming from a meteor or molten magma. Ice could be from a melting piece of ice. Water could be plants emerging from the deep. And earth could be an animal surfacing.. Tons of opportunitys..
• Colorize your PC. Or Just draw it the way You\'d like it to look. For photographers this might be a difficult task, but maybe some others might help.

• Have you forgotten how it is to be loved? Do you remember what it feels to be desired? This is an idea for any kind of art, poem, drawing, photograph, whatever...How could you express the feeling of bein forgotten by love? The minute i wrote this i started to imagine a guy in a road or street all by himself, alone, it\'s all grey and you can\'t see anything around him, just screaming for some attention.
• It late at night... u have been thinking about ur life, abour where has all the love in your life gone... then u realise... it\'s gone with HER... she, the one who walked out of your life years ago... u need to find her, your life depends on finding that only woman in the whole world...

HOW could u express that to her??

• Machanical Creation. Have a mad scientist Inventing a machanical human, a droid since he\'s not liking the idea of cloning. Yet it is still for the same purpose, of destruction.
• Go to a place you normally go to be by yourself that no body knows, and draw the surrounding of it, or take a photograph of it.

• Write a essay/story/poem on your feelings, thoughts on what is going on in the world today. You know, with USA, Iraq, how this will effect people if a war breaks out. If one does not. What do you think should be done and how. How will it effect the rest of the world. Things like that.
• Calling dark artists. Photo manip of a person standing in front with another just behind. \"I would use a guy and girl\" and have the one in the back with their arm through the front person chest. Maybe holding something like a heart or something off the wall like a doll or cell phone.
• A car/some thing man made \"but weird\" in the air with beams of light coming down pulling up an alien. Make it look like we are taking them to study. Have a strange color sky and fog and make the soil and plants look like they are from another planet.


• go into your favorite diner or restaurant and do a \"photo-documentary\" series -- the food, the customers, the servers, the environment.

• I guess my useless idea is that when writing poetry, just keep writing no matter what. Channel what\'s been happening but even if you don\'t have a set topic...just go with it. It\'s how I do a lot of my work and who cares if people hate wouldn\'t be art if some people didn\'t hate it.

• Okay then. Here\'s an idea...the inherant magical properties of menstral fluids. (yes, Iw as going to write about this. But, I have a lot on my plate.)

• Interpretations of - death, life, heaven and hell.

• long tall candles that were frozen in blue colored ice and then lit...It\'s kinda sculpture... but it would make a nifty photo too...

• I think someone may have already submitted this idea, or something similar to it. But I remember reading this really stupid internet joke about two university students who had a creative writing assignment. One had to write a page of a story, the other took the story from there for another page, and then the first student did a third page and so on. The joke was that one of the students was writing a sensitive romantic story, while the other was writing a hardcore scifi action epic.

What if we had something like that? One person can write a page or so of a piece of prose in a dark, angst-filled drama, and then a second person can continue in a totally different genre.

• Being a child was the best time of our lives... whether we admit to it or not. Who doesn\'t love running through sprinklers, playing House or Robin Hood, running around the house wreaking havoc with fingerpaint and crayons? Write a prose about an adult who\'s tired of feeling old, wanting to go back to being a kid again - the whole fingerpainting all over the walls, blowing so many bubbles in your milkshake, playing dress-up with your mom\'s clothes... the whole nine yards. Explain how that person feels, what he/she thinks about the whole thing.

• A series of works comparing modes of transportation to different types of love.

• I had an idea for a visual piece that involved splitting a relatively detailed photo into approximately 12 frames of different sizes...kinda like a grid or window panes. each \"pane\" within this grid would have a different style applied to the underlying original photo. for example, one \"pane\" would be sketched, another \"pane\" would be painted, another would be maybe done in a vector style, another in chalk, one done with textures, one colourized, etc. each pane containing a different style, but all coming together in the end to form one complete picture.

i seriously suck at explaining things, so i have no idea if this makes any sense to anyone else but me. but if someone gets the concept and can pull it off, i think it could be a really cool looking piece of art.

• Okay, you know the classic story.. beautiful young girl falls in love with dashing young man-- but alas! Her family doesn\'t approve. Not that it matters, because she\'s going to run away with him anyway! But how will the lovely maiden send her love the message detailing their escape? Carrier pigeon? Email? Glass bottle? The setting/time of their classic love affair is for you to decide, but the artwork must clearly portray how she sends the message.


• One could document the passing of a day. A series of drawings/poems/photos/whatever capturing the essence of morning, mid day, evening, night or something like that.

• Walk out to the nearest open spot on a feild around you, it needs to be pretty closed off, but it doesnt matter, walk out there, and take all of your clothes off (if you dont feel liek doing that, just your shoes will do) and let yourself sink into the earth, let your entire encensse be encased by the world your sitting on. Feel the rythm from the earth, feel every historical tribal beat, every eathquake, every mountains collapse, every spawn of new earth from a volcano. Let yourself become completely engrossed in the earth, and partition one part of your brain to the earth. Then let the wind, whisper melodies of lovers, from long ago into your ears, and let it whisper your memories of childhood( the good ones, and dont say you dont have nay because even hell has high points) speak from your lips, and let innocence of air, run through the valleys you speak to. Set air at another partition in your mind. Let the water, however absent it may bee on the hil, cleanse you (maybe take a water bottle with you) rub it through your hands, and let it be your fuel to ignite the fires within your pen. let your soul flow rythmicly with the water, crashing with every wave, every rivers gentle lapping across the rocks, and flow with it. {arition your barin with the water, and finally fire, let fire be your light, so you can clearly see your path, and how you will achieve your goal. Partition for fire.

• The giant mayonaise jar.

1. take a few standard issue popular press magazine. (things like time, maxim, cosmo, GQ work good)
2. cut out words randomly throughout and place them in a giant mayonaise jar (can be substituted with any large jar)
3. when the jar is nearly half full, dump it out on the floor and randomly pair words in groups of seven.
4. for each group of seven either create a piece of artwork relating to, and or resulting from connotations, or write a piece of poetry or prose.
4a. if you choose poetry, the seven words in any order must be the title and at least one must be the last line of the poem!
5. another option is to take all the words and make a giant word collage out of them, but you should use all the words to create the most cluttered and chaotic piece you can.

• I\'ve always wanted to see someone do a deviation of a dragonfly with wings made of fire...

• The idea would be similar to a mosiac. But instead, is a mosiac of small photographs of the face only. The faces, being different in colour and tone naturally, could make up a larger image - I dont know if you have seen those large images which are made up of smaller images; anyway, we could call it Deviant World, made up of thousands of faces of deviants, the larger image would look like earth or a city or something..whatever.

• for prose...
would like to see a story revolving around a day in the life of a deviant here on DA..
whether it be based on fact or be complete fiction.. doesn\'t matter. some humour would be a definite plus!

• A 3D render of a DNA strand. Possibly white atoms in some bluish liquid. Could be made into a wallpaper, and maybe some text about the phosphates, bases, etc.

• A self portrait in the blade of a knife.
• \"Perdition City\": a fractal/abstract work, with the buildings made of fractals, fractal clouds...

• For writers - write a piece about writing. Explain how you do it, or where your inspiration can come from. Write a piece about the mechanics of a structured poem, or the way that free verse flows. (or if you\'re really up for a challange, write a sonnet about sonnets, a triolet about triolets.... you get the idea).


Volume III will be release shortly. Enjoy.

Here it is, the second volume of 30 ideas. If you’re not a member of EOA, you don’t know what this is. So I’ll explain. These idea’s are for everyone to use. So, if you’re an artist, a writer, or whatever else there is, this can be a great resource for you. Just browse through and read through these ideas. If you like one of them, or think it would be fun to create, then do it! You aren’t obligated to give any credit whatsoever to those who came up with the idea. If you want to, well, we won’t stop you. This is simply something to aide the DeviantArt community, which is what EOA is all about. I do help you find something in here you’d like to do and utilize this helpful collaboration of ideas collected from the members of EOA.


*Deviants submition in the order which was received.

• ~dr-d
• *sycho
• ~dragaxx
• *leodadominico
• ~aggro
• ~xpsi
• ~sefina
• ~zero6ix
• ~moochoo-art
• ~rustymitchell
• ~jobias
• ~fae
• ~kingvitamin
• *traerene
• ~sanya
• ~cipher
• ~aenim-a
• *otter1
• ~iamsplee
• ~denizengt
• ~aphrael
• ~idreamz
• ~zxaos

Than you guys, for making this volume posible.

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solitary-shell Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2003
Great ideas, too bad I didn't join in time to partecipate!
socs Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2003   Writer
Some really great ideas good job everyone...
citrus3d Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2003
hooray for volume 2!!!
jorgesarcos Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2003  Professional Digital Artist
YAY! we΄re kicking ass! =) (Smile)
flashmagic Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2003  Professional General Artist
:D (Big Grin) good mixture so far, there is more prose in this one whereas there was more photography in Vol 1.

Keep it up :) (Smile)
ZirTuan Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2003  Hobbyist Photographer
Good work everyone.
elements-of-art Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2003
Do tell your friends about this. Nod
dragaxx Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2003   Interface Designer
Love it!!!!! :D (Big Grin)
theblueraja Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2003
Oh yeah. Nice work everybody - great ideas!!
fae Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2003
Great ideas yet again LOL
I'm so going to get some good photos for my photography class now. :) (Smile)

Horns Heart
aeshryne Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2003
Clap w00t! =D (Big Grin)

Great stuff! I love the outrageous, but creative ideas splashed throughout Vol II. Particularly those of ~dr-d, ~dragaxx, ~kingvitamin , ~cipher, and *otter1. Those have inspired me. I thank you all. :) (Smile)

This volume is great... but I can't help but notice the full array of ideas for writers in particular... did someone hear my complaint on the last volume? Laughing my ass off! rofl

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v3fusion Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2003
Another great piece. I've just submitted a few of my ideas
eclipz04 Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2003  Hobbyist General Artist
I wonder how many other deviants see this... hhm, well fun.

Thanks for the support guys. I guess I should start submitting some more ideas..

otter1 Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2003
woohoo... vol. II... i'm creaming my panties in excitement! i particularly like the idea by that brilliant genius otter1! somebody ought to snatch that guy up and make him famous!!! :) (Smile)

Great ideas from everyone... talk about random on some of them!
aenim-a Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2003   Photographer
yay like totaly cool
zero6ix Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2003
Someone better snatch up my menstarl fluids idea before I take it again.
amandabassettdesign Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2003
this is he best idea, especially for someone like me who finds it hard to break from the normal rhthym of things:) (Smile)
aphrael Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2003
we rock...Laughing my ass off!
seriously though.. i really am enjoying participating
there are so many great ideas, can't wait to see more...:) (Smile)
aggro Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2003   Photographer
Woooo Hooo vol 2 baby!! Great work again people :) (Smile)
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